– your newfound situation has opened you up to new ideas

– you want to elaborate on these ideas further

– you want a different opinion from your own

– you appreciate those who have been through similar situations before…


Online Mentching

Two intellects solve problems more easily than one. Experience and knowledge, systemized and practical.

Who is Mentching intended for?

Whether you have just started your career at an organization or you have been a manager for a long time, exchanging opinions and finding solutions together for problems and challenges you are facing is a necessity in the modern business environment.

How does Mentching work?

Fill the inquiry, specify the topic you would like mentoring on, as well as session timing which would suit you.

We will offer you a suitable mentor and the time you will have your first session at. Sessions last from 45-55 minutes.

The first session is free of charge.

When applying for a second session, you will receive the payment instructions as well as a link to and the timing of the session.

You will then further determine the intensity and frequency of working together with your mentor personally.

Mentching topics
  • Team dynamic
  • Relationship with employees
  • Relationship with superiors
  • Personal development
  • Managing conflict
  • Career planning
  • Personal branding
  • Feedback
  • Delivering bad news
  • Personal leadership

… And many other topics you start with your mentor…


Inquiry for Mentching